Our pastries are an inspiration of French and American "savoir-faire". We select the best ingredients to provide our customers exquisite pastries and jams. 
All our pastries are made with Organic flour, local fruits, and Valrhona chocolate. 
Our jams are made from Local Organic/ or non sprayed fruits, selected from the Bay area's Farmers Markets.
The flavors go from the classics , the originals,to the uniques.. and are still expanding ....!!
We also have a good selection of Salted Caramels that is growing in flavors too...!!
Our pastries range from different flavors of regular and mini Macarons to different Organic fruit Tarts, Eclairs, Paris Brest , a new revisited Tarte Tatin, Pumpkin pie, Key lime pie, revisited cheesecakes,  Chouquettes  to name but a few....!!!